Social Responsibility Policy

Η εταιρεία "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E.. having identified all stakeholders related to the company, meaning the individuals, groups of individuals, organizations or companies that influence or are influenced by its processes and its actions and constitute the business environment, external and internal, direct or indirect, and all those that its business policy has an impact on. More specifically, shareholders, customers, consumers, employees, the working environment, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, the state and public sector, academic institutions, the media. The administration of "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E.  through its representative commits and certifies:

  1. That no discrimination, exclusion or preference based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, ethnic origin or social origin, that will result in the elimination or differentiation of equal opportunities and treatment relating to employment or occupation.

  2. That there is no forced or uncertain work, slavery, slave trade and employment of prisoners.

  3. That it will not accept any child labor and that it will not use children for its Agricultural Holding.

  4. That it accepts the legislation regarding the pregnant employees and in addition accepts to provide them with facilitation, such as more breaks, a suitable position in the company and anything else in order to protect their health.

  5. That the minimum age limit in any form of occupation or labor, is not lower than 18 years old.

  6. That workers receive adequate protection in regards to their union freedom and their right to join or leave unions.

  7. That workers receive adequate protection for their collective freedom.
  1. That no employee will be dismissed or harmed because of their participation or registration in a union or because of participation in union activities.

  2. That it will abide by the contracts regarding working hours, wages, etc.

  3. That employees in agricultural holding have the right to complain without being sanctioned.

  4. That it provides protection of new employees and vulnerable social groups.

  5. It assures for health and safety in its work conditions.

  6. Ensures decent payment and compliance to the working hours.

  7. It ensures that in every community in which it operates it seeks to be a good neighbor. Our common goal is to improve people's lives and we want to be the key factor for quality in their lives.

  8. That brings action, development, passion for development and financial benefits from its business activities. Additionally, it supports local communities through investments and with long-term planning it helps local suppliers and producers to evolve. For the last 30 years that it has been operating continuously, increasing the number of employees and being a profitable company, it contributes by creating wealth by paying taxes to the state.