Product Safety Policy

Πολιτική της "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E. 's policy is to produce and supply products of high quality and health standards, that comply with all national and international requirements and directives, in an attempt to fully meet its customers' expectations. In order to accomplish all the above, the company administration has decided to develop and implement Product Safety Management System.

The organization, by applying the P.S.M., can detect and examine all the safety/health issues, during the processes and reviews and taking all the necessary measures in order to solve or prevent them, with the assistance of its executives. It is the organization's goal and commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the System, while focusing on:

  • the elimination of possible hazards on product safety,
  • the avoidance of any kind of environmental impacts, because of its activities,
  • the reassurance of its employees for safety and satisfaction during work
  • the best satisfaction of its customers, its ultimate consumers, its employees and the rest of its environment.

It is the company's target, to function all the time according to the principles of the System, so that it can offer to the consumers products of high safety and health.

Η "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E. states that:

  • it commits to produce legal, authentic and safe products for the consumer, according to the Beverage Product Code and similar provisions and legislations.
  • it will train its employees in product Health and Safety issues
  • it rejects as unsuitable, raw materials that do not meet the minimum requirements, as defined by the System.
  • its first priority is the complete compliance with the Directives for the adequate sanitation of its products
  • it stores and transports its products, in conditions that prevent spoiling
  • it implements cleaning and sanitation schedules, during all stages of production procedure, from raw materials deliveries to packaging the final product, in order to eliminate possible risks of recontamination of its products, after they are processed

The company through its representative, CHATSIOS VASILIS, commits to:

  • assuring all necessary resources, for the completion of the study
  • effectively resolving any findings of the HACCP project study,
  • ensuring the implementation of quality systems, their continuous reviewing and adjusting to new data,
  • ensuring a constant and active support of the systems and understanding,from all levels of the hierarchy.