Environmental Policy

Having a responsible environmental attitude can affect the success of the company. "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E. will continuously improve Environmental Performance through financially acceptable, environmentally sensitive, socially acceptable and technologically feasible processes. This policy is applied for everyone in "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E..

Η "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E. will:

Assure that any kind our operations are according to the Laws kai Regulations and Codes of Practice and any kind of environmental requirements that "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E. has to implement and are related to the Environment.

  • Locates materials, processes and wastes that can cause or can potentially cause pollution and take measures in order to avoid, reduce or control the pollution, to the point that it is technically and financially acceptable.
  • It constantly improves our environmental performance, by using optimal administrative and technical practices, focusing in pollution prevention and efficient use of our resources.
  • It establishes measurable goals for our environmental performance and monitors the progress in relation to them.
  • It makes our Environmental Policy and performance known to the employees and the general public.
  • It trains its employees in relation to their responsibilities for the environmental compliance and management.
  • It establishes environmental parameters as a priority in the operations of existing facilities and designing of new ones.
  • It looks for means of energy saving, maximizing the usage of liquid fuel alternatives, and opportunities to co-produce electrical power when it is technically and financially possible.
  • It contacts periodical evaluations for its environmental compliance and Management System.
  • All executives have the responsibility of implementing ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY according to their responsibilities.
  • All employees are expected to understand their obligation for environmental compliance and management. They must comply with this Policy, the Environmental Laws and regulations and provisions related to the respective work they perform as well as the other environmental requirements they have to implement.

The administration of "Alfa-Vita" Patikas A. - Chatsios V. O.E. announces, explains and analyzes to its employees  all  the Policies   related to Food Quality-Safety & Environment  ,while it encourages any suggestions for improvement during the annual Revision of the Food Quality-Safety & Environment System, so that it will remain current and appropriate.