"Zero Residue" Kiwifruit

Taking into consideration the consumer’s need for healthier and sustainable products, “Alfa Vita” has decided to implement a new project and present the “Zero Residue” kiwifruit. Zero pesticide residue is a production approach that is implemented by our quality assurance managers, ensured and controlled by our collaborating, accredited laboratories with the aim of offering a final product with chemical residues below 0.01 mg/kg. This particular residue level is set as the default lowest limit of analytical determination by the EU. More specifically, the final goal is to offer a tasty kiwifruit that does not have any synthetic chemicals residues detectable by analytical instruments (<0,01 mg/Κg) at the time of harvest. We truly believe that this project will be a reference in the future and will be trendsetting, making the difference in a world of conventional products.