Kiwi fruit is one of the most famous cultivated products in the Greek sector and year by year the production iskiwi banner steadily increasing in the domestic area. The main variety exported worldwide is Hayward.

Greek Kiwi is gaining the interest and the preference in the European and overseas markets during the last years. It is worth mentioning that the last two years, a considerable amount of Greek kiwi was exported in the market of Germany, United Kingdom, China, India, South Africa, USA and Gulf countries.

Therefore, we are in the position to say that the feedback of these markets indicates that the flavor and the shelf life of the Greek kiwi has improved considerably and outperformed its competitors.

The availability on Greek Kiwi begins from the 3rd week of October until the end of May.

Alfa Vita approach on kiwi fruit  

Alfa Vita is one of the leading companies in Greece that involves with the kiwi fruit for more than 28 general

Alfa Vita has developed a network of 150 certified growers by Global Gap with a total quantity of 7.000 tons annually.

Our human resources include agricultural experts that are controlling all year round the growers in order to achieve the best quality and desirable standards in the product analysis.

With the advance technology that we have available, our brand new facilities and our new investments, we guarantee ideal conditions concerning desirable sugar levels, the right ripeness of the fruit at every stage and the extension of its life which leads to the most important thing in our company: Quality



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Our company performs daily product controls in the areas of harvest and ensures that safety systems during production are being applied.

Our company is proud to have achieved the following certifications:

  • EN ISO 22000:2005
  • EN ISO   9001:2008
  • BRC Global Standards for food safety