Grappes articlesA grape is a fruiting berry.

The combination of unique texture and sweet, tart flavor has made grapes an ever
popular between-meal snack as well as a refreshing addition to both fruit and vegetable salads.

The major destinations for the Greek Grapes are:
1. Germany 2. United Kingdom 3. Poland 4. Romania 5. Czech Republic 6. France 7. Netherlands 8. Sweden


Alfa Vita approach in Grapes


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From 2010 and after, Alfa Vita dedicated to the product of Grapes in order to included in the range of products for export. As a result, we achieve to make it a major product for our company and for our clients. We handle around 2000+ tons per annum with extremely positive results each year.

The area where grapes are been cultivating is very close to our location. These give us the opportunity to treat this product in the best of our abilities.

The fast precooling after the harvest days, give to the product more shelf life .

All growers are certified with Global Gap (+GRASP).


Varieties of Grapes


Grapes separated in two big categories. Seeded and seedless grapes.

The main seeded varieties in Greece are:

  • Victoria:

Bunch medium to large in size, cylindrical-conical, average weight 600-800 gr. Grappes Victoria
Berries: large (6-7 gr.),ovoid or elliptical shaped. Its skin has still its bloom and its flesh is crispy and juicy. Neutral flavor, 15° brix. Color: green-yellow.   Harvest time: from July until September.

  • Italia:

Bunch large, conical-pyramidal (600-700 gr.) Berries: large to very large (8-10 gr.), ellipsoidal shaped. The skin is medium thick with bloom.Grappes Italia
The flesh is crispy and juicy and it has a sweet Muscat flavor. 15°-16° brix. Color: Golden yellow or yellow-amber. Harvest time: from August
til October.

  • Red Globe:Grappes Red Globe

Bunch Large, conical-pyramidal shaped (700-800 gr.) Berries: Large ( 9-10 gr.),spherical shaped. Skin with bloom, crispy and neutral flesh. 14° brix. Color: Red-purple. Harvest time: Late August to October.

  • Black Magic:  

Bunch medium large, pyramidal shaped (400-500 gr.) Berries: Oval shaped ( 5-6 gr.). Its flesh has a neutral flavor. 14° brix.Grapes Black MagicColor: blue-dark.Harvest time: from July to August.


The main seedless varieties in Greece are:


Bunch medium-large ( 350-500 gr.), conic-cylindrical, quite compact. Grapes Thomson
Berries medium-small, ovoid (2 gr.), its skin is thin but strong and with very little bloom, little juicy flesh, crispy, neutral flavour. 17° brix.
Color: Light green/yellow. Harvest time: from middle August to late.


Bunch: Medium-large (550-700 gr.), conic-pyramidal.Crimson Crimson
Berries: red, small, ovoid( 3 gr.). Thin but strong skin. Juicy and firm flesh, neutral yet fruity flavor. 16° brix. Color: Light Red/Dark Red. Harvest time: from September to late.


Packages - Grapes


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Grapes - Availability

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Our company performs daily product controls in the areas of harvest and ensures that safety systems during production are being applied.

Our company is proud to have achieved the following certifications:

  • EN ISO 22000:2005
  • EN ISO   9001:2008
  • BRC Global Standards for food safety
  • GS1